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College of Business

John Melvin University offers agribusiness, healthcare administration, hospitality management, management, and marketing programs with a Master's degree in business administration and hospitality administration. John Melvin's Business school's goal is to provide on-the-job training aligned with the university's mission and objectives. Graduates with a bachelor's and master's degree from our Christian business school will be well prepared to handle real-world experiences.

Business Management

Graduates of the BS Business Administration – Management from John Melvin University will be equipped with the business skills needed to succeed within various complex and diverse business fields. The curriculum prepares students with the needed business management and administrative skills that will allow them to: study the business domain and apply ethical and legal business practices, increase proficiency in the application of technical and quantitative skills to produce productive business decisions, enhance oral and written communication skills using research and presentation techniques, exhibit the combination of specific knowledge and business skills learned from a concentration, apply concepts of the functional areas of business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management, and exemplify the professional competencies needed to be successful within the business world.

Business Meeting

Agribusiness Management

Graduates of the BS Business Administration - Agribusiness Management will receive high-quality training in the areas of management, accounting, finance, economics, and agricultural science, as well as retail, distribution, marketing, agricultural products, and the regulations and requirements that impact and influence the global food system. This program offers students a variety of career opportunities after graduation in the agriculture and agribusiness field. Preparation within this program will provide students with the foundation and ability to solve problems, make decisions, implement leadership skills, and execute business practices that promote and support a thriving agricultural industry

Checking the Crops

Masters in Business Administration

Graduates of the Master’s in Business Administration will be equipped with a variety of skills and knowledge that will allow them the opportunity to be successful within the demands of the global business environment. This curriculum will focus on leadership, management, administration, and human resource skills that support the demands of emergency management, finance, data examination, healthcare management, and the international requirements of the business. Students acquiring an MBA degree will be well-versed in ethical leadership, technology, and decision-making needs that are detrimental to the success of all organizations

In a Meeting

Hospitality Management

Graduates of the BS Business Administration – Hospitality Management from John Melvin University will be equipped with the business skills needed to be successful in areas such as resorts, restaurants, lodging, attractions sites, etc. The degree covers a vast array of hospitality management opportunities within the industry and provides students with the tools and skills needed to be successful in a global industry. Accounting, leadership management, sales, marketing, communication, customer service, research, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking skills, and strategic planning skills are a few hospitality management skills that are covered within the program.

Host Greeting Guests


Graduates of the BS Business Administration - Marketing will learn the importance and need of developing and building a company’s clientele while studying the marketing industry. Behaviors of consumers, brands, sales trends, pricing, successful strategies, finance, accounting, and advertising will be studied within this course with the goal and intent to learn the skills needed to strengthen the marketing industry. Learning the science behind and understanding consumers’ behaviors is a crucial component to success in all organizations.

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Healthcare Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Healthcare Administration program from John Melvin University will provide students with the skills needed and required for various career opportunities within medical and healthcare institutions. This program will develop the skills of students and yield responsible and knowledgeable students skilled in the management and administrative requirements needed in all healthcare fields. This program focuses on vital topics found within healthcare management and practices and on developing plans, program management, information technology systems, and system usage.

Doctor and Patient
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