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Develop. Grow. Succeed.

JMCC provides a Christ-centered higher Education that helps students advance and follow their calling to make a difference in a changing world through their careers. At John Melvin Christian College, you are part of something bigger than yourself. You are a force for good in the world, and you help people improve their overall quality of life. Today's world needs strong people of influence now more than ever. As a religious-exempt institution, John Melvin Christian College currently offers a variety of Christ-centered degree programs.  For more information on available degree programs, please contact us at

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College of Religious Studies

Associate Degree Requirements:

60 Total Credit Hours Required

Bachelor's Degree Requirements:

120 Total Credit Hours Required

College of Religious Studies

Associate's Degrees (60 Credit hours)

  •  Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Business

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Coaching 

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Counseling

Bachelor's Degrees (120 Credit hours)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Biblical Studies)  

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Business 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Coaching  

  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling

Classes: Classes
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