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Tuition and Aid

Did you know you can graduate with a degree from John Melvin Christian College completely debt-free?  With our pay-as-you-go monthly payment option, students avoid paying back high-interest loans after graduation. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

JMCC offers multiple ways to reduce costs with several needs-based financial aid options. Some of these option include: 

  • Tuition Discounts

    • Merit-based tuition discounts are offered to students based on performance in academics, athletics, or extracurricular endeavors.​

  • Scholarships

    • When you apply to JMCC, you also have the option to apply for several different scholarships.​

  • Alternative Funding Options

    • While we currently do not participate in Title IV federal funding, you can obtain financing from the private provider of your choice. Program and student eligibility criteria differ by provider and product. JMCC encourages students to evaluate all funding options and select the option that best meets their individual needs and circumstances.

    • Disclaimer: Financing applications are subject to an applicant credit review and individual provider terms and conditions. JMCC does not endorse any listed financing options and is not affiliated with any lender or servicer. Loans are not offered, originated by, or made by John Melvin Christian College.



  • Undergraduate Programs

    • Cost Per Credit Hour          =                $350.00​​

Special Discounted Tuition Rate:

  •  Military / First Responders        = $250.00 / Credit

MANDATORY FEES (PER SEMESTER): These fees provide access to activities and services, and are assessed to all students. These fees cannot be waived or discounted. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits these fees provide. 

  • New Student Admission Fees (Non-Refundable)

    • Application Fee:  (one-time fee)               $25.00​

    • Reservation Fee:  (one-time fee)               $200.00

  • Program Fees (Per Semester Fees)​

    • ​Student Services – $25 per course

      • ​Funds expended for activities whose primary purpose is to contribute to student's emotional and physical well-being and to their intellectual, cultural, and social development outside the context of formal instruction. Examples include Career and Academic Planning, Disability Services, Counseling Center, and the Registrar.

    • Institutional Support – $25 per course

      • ​Funds expended for support for the day-to-day operations of the university. Examples include fiscal operations, general administrative services, logistical services, and public relations and development.

    • Instruction & Academic Support – $50 per course

      • ​[Instruction] Funds expended for activities that are part of the institution’s instructional program. Examples include the academic Colleges.

      • [Academic Support] Funds expended for activities carried out primarily to provide support services that are an integral part of the operations of one of the institution's three primary programs: instruction, research, and public service. Libraries and Education Technologies as an example.

    • Student Activity – $50 per course

      • ​Non-academic programs, departments, and services that offer a variety of extra-curricular student activities and learning opportunities (Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals, Clubs, and Student Organizations).

  • Miscellaneous Fees (As Needed Fees)

    • Graduation Fee:                                          $150.00​

    • Exam Proctor Fee:                                        $30.00

    • Replacement ID Fee:                                   $10.00

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