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Embrace Challenge. Support One Another.

John Melvin Christian College provides students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Our unparalleled teaching methods help to launch students into the successful future they have always dreamed of while following God's plan. We encourage both staff and students alike to grow, learn, and create more with each day.

We believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or exercising; actively participating in the learning process entails analyzing information, discussing, and collaborating to comprehend and retain. All our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing and student engagement with the class material.

John Melvin Christian College offers courses in both Online Learning (OL) and Distance Learning (DL) formats. 

Online Learning (OL) - Allows students to work at their own pace. These classes never meet in person, and you are not expected to be available at any specific time or day for classroom instruction from your professor. These courses are taught asynchronously with no pre-assigned meeting times. Students will have access to class materials online using the John Melvin Christian College LMS and can contact their instructor and (or) teaching assistant(s) at any point during the course.

Distance Learning (DL) – Distance Learning classes also do not require in-person attendance, but you are expected to be available for instruction synchronously at the times for which the class is scheduled on Student Admin. You will need to participate online using Zoom, Moodle, LearnDash, and Google Workspace. 

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