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Meal Plans


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Meal Plans: 
The following restaurants participate in our Meal Plans: Cakebar (lunch), Fire House Cafe (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Mr. Gatti's Pizza (lunch, dinner), PJ's Grill (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Sharon's Grill (breakfast, lunch, dinner), The Vanilla Bean (breakfast, lunch), South Crowley Pantry (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and Impact Nutrition (breakfast, lunch, dinner) .

When you enter the restaurant, present your ID card to the server and let them know that you are on the John Melvin University Meal Plan. Make sure that they take down your ID number and your name. Some restaurants may ask you to sign the receipt. You are allowed to spend $8 - $10 on your meal. Some of these restaurants will offer lower prices for items, such as lunch plates and a drink. If your meal is over $10 you are responsible at the point of sale for any overages. You are allowed 130 swipes per semester and are responsible for keeping up with the number of swipes that you use. 

I suggest following these restaurants on Facebook and/or Instagram so that you can see what they are offering for their daily or weekly specials. Also, it would be great if you would take pictures of you and your teammates eating at the establishments and sending them to Mrs. Ashleigh for us to post on our social media pages. You can also post to your social media pages using #jmumillers. Please remember that you are representing us out in the community and make sure to show them how awesome our Millers are! :) 

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