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JMU Varsity Programs

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Advancing Christian Athletes

John Melvin University offers both 4-year (Varsity) and 2-year (Junior Varsity) collegiate sports programs that use athletic competition as an integral component of education, faith, and encouragement. We currently offer 4 Varsity sports programs with intention of adding more programs in the future.  All of our athletes will be held to high academic standards.

JM University varsity programs are part of the Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Conference.  Following our first year, our goal is to apply to NAIA.

Men's Basketbal
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The Gulf-Atlantic Christian Athletic Conference is an independent athletic association of Christian Postsecondary Institutions in the Southeastern United States that use sports as a vehicle to spread the word of the Lord. Member Schools represent many Christian denominations but are all united in goals and philosophy. Membership is open to any Southeastern U.S. area Postsecondary Institution whose goals; philosophy and structure are consistent with those of the Conference. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or cultural background. We ask only that member schools sincerely and thoroughly worship and serve Jesus Christ, upholding Christian standards of conduct, without regard to denominational differences.

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