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Dave Partrick

Dave Partrick has had a diverse and remarkable journey, from being a former 8th-round pick in the 1988 MLB draft by the California Angels to enjoying a successful six-year baseball career. After transitioning to entrepreneurship, he owned a mobile home dealership for three years.

In 2011, Dave joined the Pensacola Police Department, where he spent four years on patrol and another four as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division. During his time there, he showcased his skills as an Operator/Sniper on the Pensacola SWAT Team for an impressive nine-year stint.

Currently, Dave is committed to contributing to community well-being, having spent the last four years in the Community Outreach Division. In addition to his law enforcement career, he founded Camo4Christ in 2015, a Christian Camo Clothing Apparel company that reflects his faith.

Dave's commitment to mentoring is evident through his eight-year involvement with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NW Florida, where he has guided his 14-year-old little brother, Kamari. Family also plays a central role in his life, with a 22-year marriage to Jennifer and two sons, Wesley (33) and Cameron (19).

Dave's entrepreneurial spirit is exemplified by his ownership of "Frozen Ropes Yogurt," a baseball-themed frozen yogurt shop. His impactful journey encompasses sports, law enforcement, entrepreneurship, and community service, making Dave Partrick a well-rounded individual with an inspiring biography.

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