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Christian Education

Teacher Education program helps future teachers model Christian ethics through positive relationships and effective pedagogy in today’s classrooms. The program prepares students for teaching in parochial elementary, middle, or high schools.

JM University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education with two areas of emphasis from which to choose: Elementary Education and Physical Education (Non-Teaching)  

Students successfully completing the B.A. in Christian Education program will:

  • Prepare and teach well-structured lessons with objectives, student engagement strategies, pacing, sequence, activities, materials, resources, technologies, and grouping.

  • Formulate knowledge of learner development, learning differences, and learning environment.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the discipline area and the application of content to bridge concepts and engage learners.

  • Plan instruction using various assessment methods and instructional strategies to develop a profound understanding of the content for all learners.

Christian Education gives students valuable insights into the diverse beliefs and opinions held by people today. JM University Christian Education improves spiritual growth while encouraging our students to value themselves and the communities within which they live.

JMCU Christian Education Degree Core Course Requirements
36 hours - General Education Courses (Click here to view required Gen. Ed. Requirements)
42 hours - Religious Education Courses (Click here to view required R.E. Requirements)
42 hours - Major Core Courses ( See Core Requirements Below)

  • EDUC 106 - Introduction to Education

  • EDUC 201 - Teaching, Learning & Growth

  • EDUC 391 - Foundations of Inclusion Education​​

  • EDUC 430 - Classroom Management

  • EDUC 440 - Reflection and Professional Growth

  • EDUC 456 - Curriculum Planning and Assessments

  • EDUC 473 - Teacher Residency​​

  • ITED 320 - Technology in the Classroom

  • PSYC 311 - Child Psychology​​​

  • MGMT 401 - Ethical Decision Making​​

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

  • Area of Emphasis Elective

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