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As a college student, there couldn’t be a better time to be involved with eSports at John Melvin University.


Below are the top 6 reasons why you should consider Esports at John Melvin University:

Esports Facebook Cover.png


Brain Health


Researchers found that playing action video games is associated with an increased volume of gray matter in the brain and strengthened networking within the brain, which is linked with hand-eye motor coordination, multisensory temporal processing abilities, memory encoding and retrieval, and other higher-order functions such as problem-solving and decision making. 

This level of immersion allows for stress-free unwinding and unplugging from real-life problems that college students face daily. Some video game skeptics may say that moment to moment gameplay can be seen as stress-inducing as the stakes increase and pressure elevates, but no football or soccer player would call their game “stressful” when the passion for victory rises in them— these moments challenge players to adapt and overcome their fears in order to be the victor, training college students to push themselves mentally which translates to real-world stressful scenarios. According to GoodTherapy, the escapism and exploration of eSports can also treat conditions of depression and anxiety.


Brain Fitness (In Disguise)


Playing competitive video games solo or as part of a team has an immeasurable amount of mental benefits. The skills that are sharpened while playing video games include, but aren’t limited to: Heightened attention and concentration, Spatial awareness, Strategic analysis, Cooperative collaboration, Hand-eye coordination, Emotional recognition and maturity, Rapid mental processing, Time management, & Moral sensitivity.

And you can get all of these wonderful brain bonuses simply by...  wait, playing video games?  JM University thinks of eSports as a series of constant mini-brain exercises that video games superiorly disguise as rewarding and entertaining achievements.  Video games are the greatest cognitive boot camps in disguise.


Social Engagement


Learning how and where to fit in  has and will always be everlastingly hard for some students. Making new friends, particularly in a new environment when you don’t have any inkling of what their interests may be, is a phobia of many new college students. When drowning in a sea of self-doubt, social anxiety, and introvert-ism, joining a team like an eSports team is a perfect way to find your tribe. The JM University eSports team can be a comfortable base for you to find like-minded people that hold shared passions that all want to have enjoyable experiences playing interactive video games together. If you love to compete playing video games, JM University esports team may be a great fit for you. 



Esports Scholarships

Easily the leading reason behind the victory of too much videogaming versus parents is making money through video gaming, otherwise known as JM University eSports Scholarships. JM University awards scholarships for individual eSports players and full teams.

JM University Esports Scholarships can range from between $500 to $5,000. 


Improved Academic Success


Everybody wants to make their parents proud and do well in school. Who would have thought that a great way to do that is to play competitive video games on an Esports team? The National School Boards Association encourages schools nationwide to embrace eSports leagues, as research has shown eSports players’ school attendance and GPA statistically improve. Attention and concentration are enhanced for eSports players in the classroom and for homework.

The students that don’t fit in, who fall in between the cracks of the football jocks and theater kids’ groups, can find purpose, community, and school pride in the eSports competition, which in turn can also improve academic success. So join in the tryouts for JM University esports team now and see how much better you can do in college.


Job Opportunities


JMU students can still achieve their childhood dreams through the many job opportunities that exist around the ever-expanding video game industry. If you didn’t become a world champion eSports player, you can become a college or high school eSports coach, tournament referee, manager, agent, publicist, or college recruiter. Jobs in the video game industry exist as well: video game testers, narrative writers, marketing and sales managers, game designers, animators, and sound engineers. Even jobs unrelated to the eSports industry such as electrician, politician, or business owner are all jobs that will benefit from the skills learned from video gameplay simply from the mental gymnastics and “brain exercise” that benefit gamers. 

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