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Practical Ministry

The M.A. in Practical Ministry is a degree program for the adult student (21 years of age or older).


The University offers a Master of Arts in Christian Education with three areas of emphasis from which to choose: 


  1. Pastoral Ministries

  2. Youth Ministries

  3. Sports & Recreational Ministries


Adult students have great potential to lead churches and other Christian ministries for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom. The Practical Ministry degree equips students with sound training in Bible, theology, and the leadership of Christian ministries.

Ministry Internships

We believe that practical, hands-on field experience is an essential part of ministry preparation. Each student in the Ministry Leadership degree is required to complete an internship. This internship is 14 weeks during the fall, spring, or summer sessions with a requirement of eight hours a week at the church and one hour a week with a mentor at the church.

MA Practical Ministry

33 Credit hours - Courses Requirements

  • BITH502 Gospels/Life of Christ

  • BITH551 Biblical Interpretation

  • BITH575 Comparative Religions 

  • BITH576 Christian Ethics and Excellence

  • BITH600 Apologetics

  • BITH601 Contemporary Theology I

  • BITH602 Contemporary Theology II

  • CBUS543 Advanced Business Course 

  • FNAN537 Financial Management

  • LEAD579 The Spirit Formed Leader 

  • BITH599 Theology Thesis

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